When it comes to auto insurance, there is always the temptation to purchase the cheapest policy available. However, the cheapest coverage may not offer you the best protection you need to stay safe on the road. Nothing is more important for your financial security than liability insurance if you’re ever involved in an auto accident.

Liability coverage is coverage for when you are in a car accident and deemed at-fault. Should the other driver involved in the accident be injured, you’re liable for the cost of their medical bills on top of the damages to their vehicle. If your liability limits are too low, the coverage won’t be enough to cover the required costs. By purchasing higher limit coverage, you’re guaranteeing that the cost of treatment will be covered, even if the accident is severe.Liability coverage does more than cover the cost of medical treatments in the event of an accident, it can also help save you money. If you’re found to be at-fault for an accident and your liability coverage is too low, you may end up having to pay the remaining costs out-of-pocket. Medical bills can be extensive, and you could be liable for thousands of dollars in additional treatments if you don’t have the right limits.

In at-fault accidents, the injured party may sue you for damages. Your liability coverage helps guarantee that the insurance company will help you cover the cost of any legal fees. Higher liability limits mean there is more money to make sure court costs are covered, giving you the resources you may need.