What Being a Dave Ramsey ELP Means

Being a recognized Dave Ramsey Endorsed Local Provider is a distinction Watts Insurance is proud of.

Terri Watts has been an ELP since the very beginning of the program. Nikki took over the title in April 2019. Terri and Nikki are both Dave Ramsey followers and have completed Financial Peace University and read Total Money Make Over. Their agency uses the Dave Ramsey principles to provide the best services for their customers in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Why choose an ELP: It’s a title you have to earn. Not just anyone can be an ELP and there are requirements to keep your position. ELP’s are required to be in excellent standing in their industry and provides top-notch customer service. They are also required to be independent agents with access to several different markets to shop your insurance for you.

Dave Ramsey ELP Lincoln NE

“I cannot say it often enough, loud enough, or long enough:
Get this stuff taken care of!”

— Dave Ramsey